We spoke to four clients on their experiences with spectra’s marketing as a subscription model. We partnered with each for a distinct goal. Even the brightest ideas need action to get off the ground — we developed close collaborations through listening and active engagement, cutting through the complexity, and offering a flexible and adaptable model to help each client meet their unique business and marketing objectives.

Reimagining the client-agency relationship

When we conceived of Marketing as a Subscription, we approached the usual agency-client workflow and looked at all the usual roadblocks in the process — the waiting and back-and-forth between each round of briefing, the long drawn-out approval processes, lock-in contracts, and clients having to manage multiple contractors rather than just one. We knew we wanted to reinvent the existing client-agency model to fix these problems for clients, but also to improve and better align our shared objectives. That’s how we came up with Marketing as a Subscription, and going by our experience so far, and taking on board everything we’ve learned from our interactions with our clients — it’s worked for them too. Example of a link

Simplify briefing, cut lead times, no lock-in contracts

Marketing-as-a Subscription works for different businesses, and for very different reasons. Whether that’s the ability to achieve more on a fixed monthly spend, or allowing them to focus on their core skillset and leave the rest to experts, the subscription model aligned with their priorities, in a way that would be hard to replicate in a traditional agency-client relationship.

For startups, it’s common for employees to wear many hats, and founders rarely have the time or bandwidth to create marketing material. With small and mid-sized companies, it’s not unusual to come across one to three person marketing teams, often out of their depth when it comes to digital advertising or UX design.

Brand, identity and web design for asset managers DragonCor
Brand, identity and web design for asset managers DragonCor

“We had a lot to do, and we wanted to move quickly. We were looking for a solution that provided us a full suite of marketing capabilities, but also allowed us to move with speed.”

— Peter Hwang, CEO, DragonCor

Being able to offer clients a no lock-in contract responded to a very real need among businesses in the current economic climate: flexible, on-demand access to marketing expertise, without the commitment of a long-term contract. For us, the 30-day money back guarantee isn’t a gimmick, we’re quietly confident in our team, and our ability to deliver a product that clients find valuable, so they can be sure they’re making the right decision.

“We looked at various options, from someone sitting full time in our office, to engaging a local company. With Spectra, the offering was holistic, the price within budget, basically an end-to-end solution. The perfect match for us.”

— Winston, CEO, SBI Digital Markets
Brand strategy and brand identity for SBI Digital Markets

An engagement that offers flexibility

The advantage of an ongoing relationship is that we work alongside you. Business goals may change month to month, and rather than approaching each creative as a standalone brief, with a fixed mindset, the process allows campaign ideas to emerge as we work together. Staying fluid and flexible is one of our strengths, and something business leaders have appreciated in the unpredictability these post-pandemic times.

“Spectra became an extension of the Futurecast marketing team, allowing us to focus on the business. As a startup, one doesn’t have the bandwidth to create marketing material and spend time doing poorly things that others can do more effectively.”

— Yves Alavo, CEO, Futurecast
Brand strategy for Futurecast

When you join, the first step is a Spectra JumpStart Session. We’ll agree on the marketing vision, define KPIs and give you insights on your marketing bottlenecks. We distill everything we’ve learned into a Marketing Playbook — this acts as our north star to guide the conversations and direction we take going forward, helping us course correct and refer back to see how far we’ve come.

“The Marketing as a Subscription covered everything from content strategy to design to brand visualisation, plus bringing that to market on our project budget, so being able to subscribe to the service really worked well for our business.”

— Tim Alpe, CEO, RedBox
Brand comms for RedBox

Our three-month roadmap includes all of your organisation’s marketing knowledge and assets — market and customer insights, so you know your audience; a catalog of your marketing assets; a rolling 3-month marketing plan so you always know what comes next. Then we kick the plan into gear. We deliver your customised marketing plan month by month. Your Spectra Success Partner provides you with weekly updates, regular strategy meetings and optional on-site consulting. Spectra helps you keep it simple, so you’ll only need to manage and communicate with one agency. It’s co-designing a marketing strategy, on terms and a budget that responds to your business needs. Marketing as a Subscription makes sure we prioritise, not just accommodate the needs of our clients and we both emerge the better for it.

Curious about Marketing as a Subscription?

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